New vintage shoes

Whilst doing my fieldwork last week I needed a few minutes to defrost my fingers so popped into Peelypops Vintage in the centre of Lancaster. It was a lovely little shop (and thankfully warm!) and I could have bought several things. However I treated myself to a pair of 1970s Mary-Jane shoes:

5 10

They almost look they are from the 1930s and are beautiful patent leather which still had their original box. It’s just a shame that the weather is so cold and I’m currently living in boots… looking forward to more spring like weather so I can wear them out.

Today’s outfit

I have a confession to make…. I may have worn jeans once this week, therefore breaking my challenge. However, there were extenuating circumstances, namely: having to stand in public and ask questionnaires to people in the freezing cold. So I will extend the challenge an extra day.

I haven’t been posting outfit posts either I’m afraid as they have been outfits that are a combination of what I’ve previously posted- I felt it would get a bit boring to look at the same thing… Today though I have something new for you.



Skirt: home-made
Top: Primark
Cardigan: H&M

I should perhaps also rather cheekily add, Mr Glass Lantern is to be sent on a photography course to improve his camera skills

Outfits 10 & 11

I resorted back to earlier choices for yesterday and today as the weather here is very cold. I am not looking forward to later in the week as I have to do some outdoor fieldwork…. This is yesterday’s outfit, today was the same as my first post. Really wish spring was on its way…


Outfit 5

I am discovering doing this challenge that lots of my tops are from a certain UK chain and that my winter wardrobe contains a lot of navy! I’m afraid that continues today…
Top: primark
Cardigan: swapped with my sister
Skirt: handmade